Dane Pop protesting at the womens march 2016. Wearing bubble glasses and holding a sign
Daria with fire in her eyes saying we will rebuild what you destroy
A red circle with jane from daria in it. Logo for Friend of Jane's an abortion rights site
An orange with Jim Jimenez from our flag means death in it. Logo for A Friend of Jim's a trans rights site

I know being a mouthy feminist can make me less desirable for bookings. But I’ve got to be who I am, especially in these times.

I am a strong feminist, anarchist, pro choice, trans rights, queer rights, free gaza, black lives matter, unity punk, cripple punk, animal rights, loud mouth.

My school journal from age 13 said I was strongly interested in racial justice and politics. That has never changed.

They say you get more conservative as you age but I’ve found the opposite to be true. Biden fucking up abortion rights finally pushed me into anarchist, liberal is no longer enough. My work often includes my beliefs, which I’m quite proud of.